[fluka-discuss]: Problems with Magnetic Field inside Target

From: Jilberto Antonio Zamora Saá <jzamorasaa_at_jinr.ru>
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2019 07:33:07 -0300

Dear FLUKA expert:

I'm simulating gold ions impinging a cylindrical Tungsten target. When I
run the simulation without a magnetic field inside the target the
simulation ran fine and I got the proper results. However, when I define
a z-direction magnetic field in the target region the simulation run and
finishes properly, but when I tried to process the data I got errors and
none output are obtained. I mentioned that I'm running the simulation
using the "ldpmqmd" library because my energy beam is 4 GeV per nucleon.

In the attached file you can find my input and flair files.

Thank you in advance.

  Dr. Jilberto Zamora Saa
  Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems
  Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
  141980 Dubna, Moscow region, Russia
  phone: +(496)2162589 (Office)
  phone: +7(915)4671294 (Mobile)
  email: jzamorasaa_at_jinr.ru

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