[fluka-discuss]: Photonuclear interactions

From: Alice Coffani <coffani_at_llr.in2p3.fr>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2019 16:20:20 +0100

Dear fluka experts, dear all,

I am trying to customize mgdraw.f in order to produce an output file
with informations regarding spallation isotopes produced in a water tank
by cosmic muons. What I need to know is the parent particle generating
the isotope and the interaction energy and position: I have no problem
to select hadronic inelastic interactions (with ICODE=101) but I would
like to select photonuclear interactions too. The ICODE=101 just refers
to interactions from hadrons and muons but I need to check the ones from
photons on nuclei too, do you know how do I select these ones?

Thank you!



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