Particle latching using MGDRAW+STUPRE+STUPRF

From: Sharmalee Randeniya <>
Date: Wed May 21 2008 - 19:58:14 CEST

Dear FLUKA experts

I am trying to write a FLUKA collision tape for a proton therapy
simulation. The geometry consists of a nozzle(to adjust the range and
the shape the beam) and a water phantom. The beam passes through the
nozzle into the phantom.

For each particle step(track segment) with in the phantom I want to
write down,
among several other things(particle type, energy, position), the
parent of the current particle, the parent step in which the current
particle is produced, the secondaries produced.

I read the discussion under mgdraw.f, stupre.f and stuprf.f in the
manual(user routines) and the use of LTRACK(in fluka discussion
archive) to identify parents and secondaries. But I am not quite clear
how to do this.

If someone can provide me some guidance, that would be very very helpful.

Thank You

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