RE: [fluka-discuss]: how to normalize the USRBIN command results?

From: Liang, Taiee <>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2019 14:01:11 +0100 (CET)

Dear 李立华,

Normalization of your USRBIN plot is indeed available in flair. You can see
an entry called “Norm:” in the interface, where you may enter your
normalization factor(s). In this case, simply put 1.5e13, and your plotted
values will be scaled by this factor. It is also possible to perform
mathematical operations in the “Norm:” field. For example, you may enter
1.5e13 * 3600 if you want your plot per hour as opposed to per second.

Below is a link to some Quick Start Guides on flair including a YouTube
channel with some instructional videos.

Happy plotting!


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Subject: [fluka-discuss]: how to normalize the USRBIN command results?

I want to use USRBIN command to obtain energy deposited position bin,the
result can be taken in the picture below,but i want tto normalize to 1.5e13
primary particle per second,it seems can not be set through flair(see
picture below)

how can i normalize USRBIN command result?

best regards


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