USRYIELD and heavy ions

From: Joel DeWitt <>
Date: Fri Jun 06 2008 - 18:32:29 CEST


I have a simple shielding setup of a 1GeV/n iron beam interacting with
a polyethylene slab, with a CR-39 detector behind (modeled as water).
Attached is the experimental result. This is constructed as a
histogram. I would like to do the same with FLUKA. I would like to
score heavy ions, light fragments (low-Z), and heavy fragments
(high-Z) in the CR-39 with LET > 5 keV/um in 1 keV/um bins. It would
be enough to have the binned data from FLUKA, that way I could
directly compare this result to experiment. The trouble is, I don't
know exactly what USRYIELD is doing.

What does it physically mean to calculate a double-differential yield?

Is it possible to extract a simple histogram of particle LET using
USRYIELD? That would be the simplest route since that would lend a
direct comparison to experiment.

Any help will be appreciated.

Joel DeWitt

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