Manual typo - Gaussian/Rectangular spread

From: Daniel Kirby <>
Date: Tue Jul 01 2008 - 18:06:55 CEST

Dear Fluka team

I have spotted a 'typo' in the manual! For BEAM card it (roughly) states:

WHAT(2) > 0.0 : beam spread in GeV/c, rectangular distribution
                < 0.0 : FWHM for Gaussian momentum spread

However, the output file indicates the inverse is true - i.e. a supplied negative value results in a rectangular spread, and vice versa. From my resultant proton depth dose curves, I'm pretty sure that the output file is telling the truth and the mistake is in the manual, but obviously it would be nice to know for sure :-)

Best wishes,

Dan Kirby
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School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Birmingham
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Birmingham B15 2TT
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