Re: FLUKA on Opesuse-11 platform

From: Chris Theis <>
Date: Thu Jul 10 2008 - 21:22:02 CEST

Dear Prasanta,
we've already been running FLUKA under OpenSuse 11 successfully. Could
you be a little more specific what exactly your problem was when trying
to install it?

Without more information I would assume that you're running in the
problem of the missing G77 compiler. G77 is not shipped anymore with
more recent Linux distributions as it requires a GCC backend which is
already outdated and superseded by technologically totally different
backends. However, you can get G77 by installing a "compat-g77" package
which includes everything you need. For OpenSuse 11 (and I think also
for the previous version 10.3) such a compat package is not available
anymore but you can still use one which was packaged for Suse 10.2. I'd
suggest that you look for compat-g77-3.3.5-42.1.i586.rpm (
<> = =
<> )
Hope that helps

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Gesendet: Do 10.07.2008 13:42
Betreff: FLUKA on Opesuse-11 platform

Dear Fluka users,
   I have currently installed OpenSuse-11 on my PC. I want to use FLUKA =
Opensuse-11.0 LINUX platform.I want to know whether any body using
FLUKA on similar platform and is it possible to use FLUKA on this
platform.Even I tried to instal also ,but not succeeded.

Thanking You.

With Regards

Prasanta Kumar Sahani
Scientific Officer
Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology
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