Re: [fluka-discuss]: What is the right body can be a disk faced the beem

From: Musharei Alanazi <>
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2020 15:14:47 +0000

I am trying to compare between userTrack and userBDX. I discovered that their results don’t match together even for same input.


I was thinking that because of the deference in the units , so


To reach to this goal, I tried to compare between two userBDX for different parameters.


For this case its match in 2 steradian but it will increase until 6 steradian and match again for higher steradian than 6 .
I don’t understand why that? Since the detector area is a circle (pi r^2) = 3.14 and 1 steradian =(pi r^2)/R^2 = 3.14/(10^2)=0.0314
Why it doesn’t match together at 2 steradian and above ?

I don’t know how to make useTrack and userBDX match together

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Il 05-03-2020 20:03 Musharei Alanazi ha scritto:

I am trying to put userBDX detector in a disk body has radius 1 cm and faced the proton beem which located in (0,0,0) . I tried ycc shape but it has infinite light.
What is the right shape?

Musharei Alanazi

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Hi would try a right circular cylinder whith desired radius and height

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