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Regarding your problems to set-up a lattice grid, you might find the content linked below useful:

In particular, slide 41 shows that in a very similar setup to yours, you want to segment the 'mother region' (that contains all the rods or fine structures) in zones, so that the code does not need to search through thousands of neighboring regions each time a particle moves out from that containing volume.

Also, instead of replicating e.g. 10000 times a prototype of a simple tube, it might be more efficient to make a prototype with e.g. 20 of those tubes (which is also trivial to create), and then replicate this prototype 'just' 500 times. Just beware you cannot cut or alter replicas, e.g. like in your example, where the microstructure is cropped by a disk. (even though Flair will not show an error).

Please note also the limits on the number of regions:
The six "WHAT" fields must all be input, or replaced by two successive separators (together with zero or more blanks) = 3.0: the two previous options are both requested, i.e. alphanumerical 8-character names are used to identify particles, materials and regions in the relevant "WHAT" fields of input commands, and free format is also used (for geometry body and region input, see

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Dear FLUKA experts,

I had read your example "Implementation of the FLUKA simulation of the Pb-Scintillating fiber e.m. calorimeter of the KLOE Experiment<>" on FLUKA website. What I'm trying to do is shown as pic1. But I'm quite confused about how to create replicas of geometry modules in FLUKA, it seems troublesome to create geometry and lattice cards for every single part of geometry. And it turns out that it always show **time**out** with 9800 geometries.

Also I'm wondering if there's something wrong with my material cards, I try to apply the same material set with simple geometry (shown as material.inp) and it also turns to show **time**out**

Looking forward to your reply

Best Regards,
Liang Guo

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