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From: Bauer Michael <>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2020 07:03:53 +0000

Dear Jean-Michel,

thanks for your help. It worked!

Have a nice weekend

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Dear Michael,

If you want to score the fluence (cm-2 per primary particle), you need to multiply the results by the bin width. To do that with the plot tab in Flair, choose "Value : DX*Y" below the type of plot. You will find results with lower order of magnitude.
In a second step, you need to check the volume of the region (annular detector : +Dout - Din), not sure if it is the right value.

Hope it will help,


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Le 19 mars 2020 à 12:31 +0100, Bauer Michael <>, a écrit :

Dear Fluka experts,

I want to score neutron fluence of a simple geometry. The result is several orders of magnitude higher than my team and I would expect it to be.

I shoot protons with 800 MeV on a lead target. The USRTRCK detector around the target detects a fluence around 10^5 at a certain neutron energy.

Actually we would expect it to much lower. We checked for errors in the geometry (therefore we highly simplified it), the materials and the volume parameter,

But either we couldn’t find mistakes or we corrected them and it didn’t influence the result that much.

Do you have any idea, where else the problem (that huge) could be?

I put the files in the following link:<>

thanks for your help!

Best regards,

Michael Bauer

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