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Date: Tue Aug 12 2008 - 15:17:14 CEST

Hi Denis,

- in FLUKA there is a maximum memory available for all user related
minus! what is used for geometry, cross section tabulations,...
- in your case the output is showing that indeed you have some 46 I*4
available, the
problem is that you are asking for a bit more (~51)
- please keep in mind that the problem is caused by the total number of
bins among all USRBIN (or EVENTBIN,...) cards.

what you can do:
- reduce the required memory size (number of bins for the respective
USRBINs [or EVENTBINs,...]): cartesian binnings take a lot of space,
because you must multiply 3 numbers: but often it is possible to reduce
strongly one of the 3 dimensions by exploiting symmetry, or by splitting
a binning into smaller ones avoiding covering for instance vacuum
- you can ask for single precision scoring using the card ROTPRBIN (see
the manual) halving your memory requirements. The USRBIN (as well as
EVENTBIN,...) default is set to double precision. However, while it is
usually not a problem to use single precision for EVENTBIN's it is often
an issue for USRBIN's since they can sum up a lot of small contributions
over a long run -> thus you should judge depending on your problem

hope this helps, cheers


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> Hi fluka users,
> i have the following problem when using usrbin:
> ******* Stopped in usrbin: insufficient space for allocation in blank
> common *******
> ******* 46812584 I*4 memory position available when 50580003 needed
> *******
> Is there a way to solve that ?
> thanks a lot
> Denis Bertini
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