RE: Integrating a USR-1D plot

From: Joachim Vollaire <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 2008 - 00:13:42 CEST

Hi Joannes
The fasted way to do it is to look in the file with the _sum.lis
extension which is created when you average the results of your
different runs (with flair or with ustsuw). For each detector (USRTRACK)
the header looks like this :
  **** ex_4_usrtrack_55 ****

  Total primaries run: 5000

    Total weight of the primaries run: 5000.

  Detector n: 1 TrChH
     (Volume: 628.309998 cmc,
      distr. scored: 218 ,
      from reg. 4 )

     Tot. response (p/cmq/pr) 1.7793756E-02 +/- 0.5521924 %
     ( --> Track l. (cm/pr) 11.17999 +/- 0.5521924 % )

The total response is the value you are interested in.... and cherry on
the cake you even have the statistical uncertainty

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Subject: Integrating a USR-1D plot

Hello erverybody.
I am using the USRTRACK card to get the fluence of ALL-CHARged =20
particles. Also I am using the FLAIR interface. Now, having my =20
simulation run, I am plotting my fluence graph. To analyze my results =20
I would like to integrate over this. Do you have suggestions how to do =20
that? FLAIR itself does not have such an option for a USR-1D plot and =20
I am wandering what is the easiest way to do so...
Thank you very much, Johannes
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