FlukaGUI problems

From: Steyn, Ruan <14593742@sun.ac.za> <14593742@sun.ac.za>
Date: Sat Sep 20 2008 - 12:10:26 CEST

Hi Fluka experts

I am running fluka for the fist time.

I am experiencing a problem with the GUI. If I just want to run my code
there is not problem, but when I want to view my geometry with the GUI
that an error message pop up.

The message that I receive is:

forked() FLUKA process died during initialization - please try and see
if the input file actually would work with FLUKA of the same version.

I compared my code with that of the example file, but I couldn't spot
any obvious differences.

I am using version v07 (FlukaGUI) and using the latest version of Fluka
(just downloaded it an about a month ago)

The strange thing is that I can run and view the example files
perfectly, but I can't view my own file.


Ruan Steyn

South Africa
Received on Sat Sep 20 13:13:37 2008

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