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From: Paola Sala <>
Date: Thu, 7 May 2020 15:21:35 +0200

answres below
> Dear Experts,
> Thank you for your time.
> Please find attached the biasing I have used in the input. As I understood
> from one of the examples given in the FLUKA Course, giving "BIASING
> 0.0 1. BLKBODY _at_LASTREG 1.PRINT" means giving importance 1 to
> regions outside shield.
It means giving importance 1 to ALL regions, it is a sort of initialization.
Adding more BIASING cards after this one will change the impostance of the
various regions.
However, if you leave the outside air to 1, almost all particles will be
killed when they go from the shield (high impos=rtance) to the outside air
(low importance).. thus all the biasing will be lost there. The outside
air should have the same importance as the last layer of the shield.

>Am I wrong to understand this ? I am sorry, I
> missed to have added any biasing for green regions (which are SS
> material).
Same as before.

> Secondly, by the results are higher by a factor of 1000, I mean to say,
> the dose rates which I should get in mSv/h, I am getting in Sv/h.

? results for DOSE-EQ are in picoSievert/primary for prompt radiation,
picoSievert/second for specific decay times.

> Thanks and regards,
> Raksha R.
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> Hello
> The geometry looks fine, I cannot judge on biasing not knowing the factors
> you used. However: what is the weight assigned to the green regions in
> your plots? And to outside air?
> Could you please explain what do you mean by "results a factor 1000
> higher than expected"?
> Thanks
> Paola
> On Tue, 28 Apr 2020, Raksha Rajput wrote:
>> Dear Experts
>> Please find attached the geometry cross-section.
>> 1. RCC (A10) is cut by planes to divide it into regions, for Biasing
>> (surface-splitting, increasing no. of photons per region)
>> 2. RCC(A14) is also cut by same planes (as these are infinite), to
>> divide for biasing. Is this the correct way ? OR, it should be done by
>> making concentric RCCS as is done for RCC(A7). A10 & A14 for Axial
>> points (Top of the shield).
>> 3. RCC(A7) is divided into regions by making concentric RCCs - to
>> calculate the dose rates in radial points.
>> Kindly suggest whether the regions are divided correctly.
>> Or, please suggest corrections.
>> The results I am getting are higher(by a factor of 1000) than expected.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Regards,
>> Raksha.

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