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From: Bartkoski,Dirk Alan <DABartkoski_at_mdanderson.org>
Date: Wed, 27 May 2020 14:53:02 +0000

I just want to verify that I am properly converting the units of my results.

I have a 0.5 u radioactive Iodine 125 source that is defined as an ISOTOPE in the BEAM card.
I am using Semi-Analogue in the RADDECAY card and have applied Semi-Analogue to my USRBINs with DCYSCORE.

I want to measure dose to volume from my radioactive source. I have defined the desired volume using USRBIN for DOSE.

From what I understand, my USRBIN with be in GeV/g/decay since I am scoring DOSE from a radioactive isotope.

I want dose rate.

GeV/g/decay*1.602176462E-7 = Gy/decay

Iodine 125 specific activity = 642E12 Bq/g => 642E12 decay/s/g

To get dose rate in Gy/s => (USRBIN value in GeV/g/decay)* 1.602176462E-7*642E12 decay/s/g*0.5*(flair atomic mass unit to gram conversion constant amugr)

My conversion constant is = 1.602176462E-7*642E12*0.5*amugr => Gy/s

Is my approach correct?

Dirk A. Bartkoski, Ph.D.
Research Scientist | Division of Radiation Oncology
T. Boone Pickens Tower (FCT8.5007)
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