USRBIN - lattice & tracker coordinates

From: Chris Theis <>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 00:14:07 +0200

Dear all,

I'm currently doing track reconstruction in virtual scoring volumes via
FLUSCW and I came across a problem regarding lattice for which I would
need some additional information as I didn't find any specific
documentation. One can use lattice functionality via input cards which
define the transformation matrix and, as far as I know, for the purpose
of tracking a particle entering such a lattice cell will be transformed
back to the original mother volume via this matrix.

This leads me to my actual question. In case I obtain the coordinates of
track segments from the tracker (XTRACK, YTRACK, ZTRACK) in FLUSCW,
which is called from a USRBIN detector, will those coordinates be given
in terms of where the interactions physically take place, which could be
within a lattice cell in case the track traverses such a volume, or will
they be given in the coordinate frame of the mother volume that is used
for the actual tracking?
In know that in the case of the region based USRTRACK detector one
scores tracks in the source volume even if they traverse the lattice
replica only. This indicates that the scoring is done before the
transformation back to the lattice coordinate frame is performed. For
USRBINs this is obviously not the case for the final results, but I'm
not sure what the state of the XTRACK,YTRACK,ZTRACK arrays is when the
call to FLUSCW is performed. If anybody has information on this topic
I'd very much appreciate any hint.

Furthermore, I have another question regarding USRBIN, USERWEIGH &
ROT-DEFI cards. According to the manual the setting of WHAT(3) of the USERWEIGH card specifies that FLUSCW is called only after
checking that the respective USRBIN detector applies. Does anybody know
whether the actual spatial layout of the USRBIN detector (cartesian,
cylindrical) and the associated ROT-DEFI cards are taken into account in
the process of determining the applicability of a USRBIN?

I'd greatly appreciate any further information that anybody could give
me regarding this matter.

Thanks a lot
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