Not scoring dose correctly

From: Joel DeWitt <>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 15:58:12 -0500


Before getting to my question about dose scoring, I would like to pass
on some information regarding my earlier post
 It seems the Weaver range-energy code and FLUKA agree--within
2-3%--on the LET in water for the depth range of 0-30 g/cm2 of
aluminum. Before I had just looked at the LET in some baseline
materials (not water), and without any change in energy due to
shielding. The placement of the primary ionization peak for 30 g/cm2
obtained from FLUKA in my earlier post remains a mystery, as do our
experimental results.

As a check on my understanding of dose scoring using USRBIN and the
generalized particle DOSE (in GeV/g), I did a short run by dosing a
box of water with 1 nGy using 230 MeV protons. A back-of-the-envelope
calculation gave an estimate of about 9,751 protons to deliver this
test dose. I get instead a dose of about 0.25 pGy. The energy has to
go somewhere, which means I'm not doing this correctly.

Kind regards,
Joel DeWitt
Oklahoma State University

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