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From: Paola Sala <>
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2020 19:00:19 +0200


before answering to your specific question, I would like to try to give
more insight on the topics.

In recent FLUKA versions, starting 2011.2x.4 if I remember well, there is
a protection against running the code with no/wrong options for ion
interactions when they would be required.

There exists two options for the treatment ion interactions, ldpmqmd and
IONSPLIT, and of course one exception: deuterons.

Foreword: In FLUKA there are three ion interaction generators:

BME up to 130-150 MeV/n. This is automatically inside the standard
executable, BUT it does not handle deuterons (hence the exception..)

RQMD from 130 MeV/n up to 5 GeV/n
DPMJET from 5 GeV/n up

RQMD and DPMJET have to be added explicitly using the ldpmqmd script to
build the flukadpm executable. They do treat deuterons

The PHYSICS ...IONSPLIT card instad tells the code to split the ions in
nucleons so that they can be treated by the standard hadron interaction
models. IONSPLIT can be restricted to selected energy ranges and/or ion

Recommended option (to be updated in the release notes) is to link with
the ion interaction generators..and to add a patch for the deuteron
exception, so:
link with ldpmqmd and add
PHYSICS 1.0 0.005 0.15 2.0 2.0IONSPLIT

Note that the ionsplit here stops at the BME limit (150 MeV/n, and is
limited to A=2

Note also that we have to correct the release note, where it is
recommended to set what(6)=3 for deuterons, while now they are treated in
a better way with what(6)=2, Also, A=3 is now dealt with by BME.

If one does not wish to link with rqmd and dpmjet, one can use
IONSPLIT over the whole energy range :
or (better)

Last but not least: (to be added to the internal checks or the next respin):
card must be added to the input file, otherwise ion interactions are not
performed even if the generators are linked. It is automatically included
only with the PRECISION defaults.

In your case, the program crashed because ion splitting was asked at all
energies, and at the same time rqmd+dpmjet wwere linked, the two thinge=s
are mutually exclusive

Hope this helps
And apologies for missing updates in the documentation.

> Hello!
> With my attached input file I receive the following error:
> “Coalescence activated and beam above BME limit, products badly treated
> link rQMD !”
> after I linked ldpmqmd the following error occurred:
> “IONSPLIT energy range overlapping with rQMD one
> Execution terminated.“
> Thanks for your help in advance .
> Best regards,
> Michael
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