Respin of Fluka2008.3

From: Alfredo Ferrari <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 13:07:17 +0200

Dear Fluka users

the 2nd respin of Fluka2008.3 (Fluka2008.3.2) is available on the web

It corrects the following issues:

a) a typo error in input card parsing: as far as I know, only people
    using FLUKA through the VMC interface were (heavily) affected
    Thanks to A.Morsch for pointing and correcting the issue
b) a mistake when using Dose equivalent folding with neutrons with
    URSBDX, USRTRACK, USRCOLL resulting in no low energy neutron
    scoring on the output has been corrected. Thanks to Dr.Sunil
    for pinpointing this issue
c) a rare crash in PEANUT has been fixed

Everybody is warmly encouraged to get the patched version.
Future bug reports will be considered only for that version

                     The FLUKA development team

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