[fluka-discuss]: Secondary neutrons produced via the (n,2n) reaction channel

From: SIZWE SCELO MHLONGO <3698012_at_myuwc.ac.za>
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2020 00:50:50 +0200

Dear FLUKA experts,

I have a simple model of a beam of 14 MeV neutrons incident on a natural
lead (Pb) target. My aim is to find a thickness of the target that will
enhance the neutron fluence via the (n,2n) reactions, which have threshold
energies of ~6-8 MeV. However, the simulation results show that there are
additional neutrons in the 1 - 7 MeV incident neutron energy range - for
which the only possible explanation is that they are neutrons that have
interacted with Pb via the (n,n') reaction, which is possible for the 1 - 7
MeV energy range. This poses a challenge if one is only interested in
contributions in the neutron fluence from (n,2n) reactions.

Could you please advise on how one can work out the contributions from
(n,2n) interactions without interference by neutrons from (n,n') reactions?

Best regards,


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