Re: [fluka-discuss]: The meaning of "VACUUM"

From: <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2021 08:14:25 +0100


VACUUM is indeed physical vacuum, that is no material, zero density, no

BLACKHOLE is an artificial material, which is just used to stop particles
when they exit the problem geometry. Think of it as a sort of infinitively
absorbing medium surrounding your problem such that every particle
entering it is immediately absorbed with no further effect.

Concerning your shielding question, it is hard to answer without knowing
the details, normally one should use air but how much etc it depends on
what you want to achieve.


> Dear expert,
> I want to konw what is the meaning of "VACUUM"in FLUKA and the difference
> between "VACUUM" and "BLACKHOLE"?
> If I want to simulate the radiation shielding of a house, should I put it
> in a vacuum or in the air ?

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