Re: [fluka-discuss]: User source.f not working on the new version of Fluka

From: <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2021 08:26:52 +0100

Dear Mihaela

it is a bit difficult to diagnose your problem without further information.
Are the .out and .err files generated and in case what are the last
messages they contain?

If you wish more help, please send the input and possible extra files (eg
the source routine) required to run your problem and we'll try to
understand what is going wrong.


> Dear experts,
> I am trying to re-run some old inputs. I am using the user written
> source.f in which I have already modified
> to
> When I compile source I get no error.
> Unfortunately, when I am running the input I get either Finished ok, but
> no files were generated, either TIMED-OUT error.
> Is there any modification that I should be aware of?
> Best regards,
> Mihaela

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