Re: [fluka-discuss]: NIEL calculation with MGDRAW

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Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2021 17:52:36 +0100

Dear Ferran

I am not sure I fully understand your procedure. Are you scoring also the
Tkniel/Tkrnie/Tkedpa for "distributed" events, that is along particle
steps (main entry MGDRAW)? Normally summing those values and those coming
through Endraw (with their relative weights) you should be able to
reproduce what is scored with Usrbin. Let me know if you indeed did so and
still you see a difference


> Dear FLUKA experts,
> I'm trying to evaluate the lattice displacement damage (DPA) from a 500MeV
> proton beam interacting with different materials. To compare the FLUKA
> approach (recombination corrected DPAs by molecular dynamics simulations
> and restricted nuclear stopping power) with other calculation methods of
> radiation damage (NRT, arc-dpa or RPA), I would like to subtract the
> primary knock-on atom energy (PKA) of the events generating DPA.
> I've been trying to use subroutine MGDRAW, the entry ENDRAW and the
> variables Tkedpa and Tkniel to extract that information. In order to gain
> some confidence in the results, I've been trying to match the NIEL-DEP
> scored with USRBIN with the results coming from MGDRAW for a simple
> simulation with just a small cubic detector and a low number of particles.
> I'm summing up those energies from ENDRAW "spot energy" as well as
> intercepting the tracking in the main part of the MGDRAW routine with
> MTRACK and DTRACK. So far, I have been able to match the overall energy
> deposition in my detector (Electronic stopping mostly) however I can't
> match the NIEL-DEP result from USRBIN, MGDRAW always showing lower total
> energies (sometimes no event from MGDRAW shows any Tkniel). I suspect that
> with the used variables I can't collect all the events leading to NIEL and
> in some cases (T>Eth) to DPA.
> My plan is to use that routine in a posterior simulation where a mixed
> field of particles coming from an upstream beam-target interaction will be
> causing the DPAs. There, the use of the code would be useful to understand
> the predominant events and energies generating displacement damage as well
> as being able to compare with other calculation methods.
> Am I using a wrong variable to check NIEL with MGDRAW? Should I use a
> different route to get to the data I want?
> Thanks in advance,
> Best regards,
> Ferran Boix Pamies

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