[fluka-discuss]: Flair and FLUKA

From: Mario Fabretto <info_at_mariofabretto.it>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2021 00:04:31 +0100 (CET)

Dear all,

I installed FLUKA 2020.0.9 on a UBUNTU distribution and made it work. Not being available the 2.3.0 version of Flair from the FLUKA website I installed the 3.1-10 version directly from the flair.web.cern.ch page at CERN. I made Flair run, but it doesn't recognize the FLUKA 2020.0.9 version. Clearly it search for a 4.x release of the software, as available in the CERN archive. I am new to FLUKA therefore I ask you: has FLUKA split in two branches? and  Flair no longer supports version 2020.0.9?

Someone can help me?


Mario L. Fabretto

Φi∫i⊂∅ - biomeccanico - esperto in radioprotezione

via E. Fermi, 18

I-34070 Turriaco

cell.: +39 348 287 4022

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