[fluka-discuss]: Prompt Gamma Spectrum SImulation

From: Pierfrancesco Ulpiani <pierfrancesco.ulpiani_at_uniroma2.it>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2021 19:59:29 +0100

Dear Expert and FLUKA Users,

I'm tring to obtain a Prompt Gamma Simulation Spectrum from a sample of
Fe and Cu using a Ge Detector.

I'm able to obtain the spectrum using the DETECT card, that shows the
sharp peaks as expected.

The problem is that the peaks are not in the positions reported in the
database (as IAEA PGAA Database).

The intensities are not respected.

Can someone help me to understand why this happens?

I'm attaching my INPUT File and the resulting Spectrum.

Thank you !


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(image/png attachment: PGAA_Spectrum.png)

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