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From: Leila Ounalli <>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2021 16:58:27 +0100 (CET)

Dear Paola,
Thanks for all these clarifications.
1. Personally and with my PhD students, we are using the official FLUKA developed by INFN.
Last week, I installed the FLUKA CERN version on Ubuntu. It was very easy to install the new release of FLUKA code (CERN), this is why I am asking.
It is confusing and we are afraid to move to a non-official code.
2. We already complete a validation study and we need a FLUKA expert to revise the paper before submission. Can you help?
All the best

Ms. Leila Ounalli | Hab. PhD in Physics ( [ | ] ) | 
Associate. Prof ( [ | ] ) 
Medical Physicist ( [ | ] ) 
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Dear Leila 
FLUKA was developed under the supervision and oversight of A. Fasso’, A.Ferrari, J. Ranft and P. Sala (The Authors) within an INFN-CERN project up to the version dated June 15th 2019. 
Subsequent so-called “FLUKA” CERN versions have been released without the prior consent/oversight/scientific control of the legitimate Authors of the FLUKA software code. 
This violation of moral authorship rights is compounded by CERN's refusal to enter into the arbitration proceedings foreseen by the Protocol on the Privileges and Immunities of CERN and referred to in the specific Agreement about FLUKA which was submitted to the prior consent of the Authors. 
The FLUKA Authors wish to make clear that the Authors recognise as FLUKA only the code distributed by INFN (the Italian Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics, [ | ] ) which is continuously developed and maintained by the same researchers who have developed almost entirely the FLUKA interaction models up to now. 
On 4/18/21 6:56 PM, Leila Ounalli wrote: 
Dear FLUKA developers, 
Is FLUKA (CERN: [ | ] ) the same as the official FLUKA Monte Carlo code? 
If not, which one is more adapted for medical linacs simulation? 
Ms. Leila Ounalli | Hab. PhD in Physics ( [ | ] ) | 
Associate. Prof ( [ | ] ) 
Medical Physicist ( [ | ] ) 
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