[fluka-discuss]: FLUKA Installing issues

From: Amandeep Sharma <amanpup_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2021 09:07:53 +0530

Dear FLUKA experts,

Many thanks for the recently released new version of FLUKA .
But by looking towards the daily problems faced by many users during
installing process, I would request experts to look for the following

(i) Updated / detailed and clear instructions giving installment
requirements must be there, especially for new / non-technical users, on
FLUKA website for its smooth installation.

(ii) The request is also about to continue support to old versions.
Sometimes it becomes really challenging to install a new version although
the user was working happily with the old version. Once installed, old
versions should not stop working as in case of some other MC Codes, until
the user wants to upgrade his version.

Above efforts will further make FLUKA's use more friendly for new users.

Thanks & Regards,
A. Sharma

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