[fluka-discuss]: Version of Fluka2021.2 for systems with glibc-2.17 or similar

From: <alfredo.ferrari_at_mi.infn.it>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2021 22:06:09 +0200

Dear Fluka users

following some messages of people having problems linking Fluka on systems
with older glibc's, a version of Fluka2021.2 has been compiled with
gfortran-9.4 on a virtual system with glibc-2.17. You can find the
relevant tar file (the data file is the same as for the other versions)
on the web sites, in download under the name:


It should work on all systems running gfortran-9.x, glibc's older than 2.3x,
where typically the linker was complaining with messages like:

 undefined reference to `_ZGVbN2v_log'
 undefined reference to `_ZGVbN2v_exp'

or similar.

Thanks to Eric Alemany for pointing the issue and helping in testing this

The Fluka developers

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