Density map over a region

From: Juan Blanco Sancho <>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 12:18:46 +0100

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Dear Fluka Users,

I have to run some simulations over a small copper target and a proton
beam, and score the energy deposition over it.
On every run I will have calculate the new density map for the target
base on the results and it should be feedback to the next run.
I would like to not touch the geometry and not divide the target in
regions which different densities. I would like to keep my inp untouched
and to read the density(x,y,z) from a text file. (I need something like
the MAGFLD but for the density)

I have though to define a MAT-PROP(USERDIRE) for the target material of
that region so when a particle is track it will call the USRMED routine.
In USRMED just include the FLKMAT and base on the coordinates of the
particle and the table read from a file change the density.
I would like to know if this is possible and/or there is another way
(more elegant) to do the same (COMSCW?)?

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