[fluka-discuss]: radioisotope production from reactors

From: Dr. Muhammad Mansy <muhammad.mansy_at_eaea.org.eg>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2021 05:50:39 -0400

Dear Fluka Experts
i want to simulate a radioisotope production from a liquid target
material using the neutron flux of a reactor, any idea to help in the
generation of the reactor spectrum divide into three regions (thermal,
epithermal, fast) and out put the generated spectrum. in addition, how
can i score the different radioisotopes produced during and after the
irradiation process.

the shape of the reactor spectrum is attached

Dr. Muhammad Mansy,
PhD. Nuclear Physics_
  Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority

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(image/png attachment: image105.png__size_68723)

(image/png attachment: Neutron-spectrum-in-the-reactor-core.png__size_116729)

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