Fluka2008.3.3 respin

From: Alfredo Ferrari <alfredo.ferrari_at_cern.ch>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 21:12:10 +0100

Dear FLUKA users,

the 3rd respin of Fluka2008.3 is available on the web. It corrects the
following issues:

a) a mistake when user importance biasing was applied to photons (thanks
    to David Horvath for pointing out the problem). On top of the mistake
    correction, a change in the code logic has been applied to all neutral
    particles when user defined importance biasing is activated. Since in
    absence of boundary crossings neutral particles fly from one
    interaction to another, user defined importance biasing was de facto
    ineffective in those cases. Now, only for neutral particles, the
    user can suggest a reduced step through the newly created entry
    USIMST in the usimbs user routine. The default is cutting the proposed
    step in 2. In general users should reduce the proposed step so that
    particles don't fly longer than the distance between the virtual
    boundaries used for user defined biasing
b) Thanks to what has been pointed out by Jonathan Pochon on the
    discussion list (see the thread at
    ), in case of ion beams, USRYIELD scoring requesting the use of a cross
    section is now performed with the actual cross section of the beam
    particle, and no longer with that of a proton having the same velocity.
    Thus, there is no longer need to add a further USRYIELD card with
    SDUM=BEAMDEF for this purpose, as suggested before.
c) Moreover, USRYIELD allows now to score HEAVYIONs emerging from
    inelastic hadronic interactions. Note that the light nuclei 4He, 3He,
    triton and deuteron are not included in the results, since for each of
    them a dedicated particle type is available
d) some extra robustness has been added to the geometry tracking in
    case of lattices
e) a recently introduced (inadvertent) bug in the nucleon decay event
    generator has been corrected
f) the manuals have been updated in a few points

As a consequence of b) and e) two commons have changed, so please
recompile possible user routines.
As a consequence of a) a new entry is now part of the usimbs routine.
Users who had their own versions of this routine, are urged to update.

As usual support and bug corrections will be available only for those
who update to fluka2008.3.3.


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