Re: Score neutron from 16O(p,xn) reaction

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Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 01:50:03 +0800

Dear Francesco & Fluka discuss :

2008/11/13 Francesco Cerutti <>:
> You need to bias only proton inelastic interactions (with that choice for
> WHAT(4-5) you ask for biasing of the inelastic interactions undergone by the
> eight particle types going from proton (1) to neutron (8)). The reduction
> factor in WHAT(2) has to be set comparing the inelastic scattering length of
> beam protons in water (printed in the .out file) and the lenght of your
> target (after one scattering length - assuming it as constant along the
> energy range of interest - about 63% of the beam particles underwent an
> inelastic reaction). Obviously this way you bias, in addition to p+O
> reactions relevant for neutron production, also p+H reactions.

Thank you very much for your help to a beginner.
Now I could have a couple of runs completed.
I encounter difficulty interpreting my results.

Without normalization, could I interpret the result like single proton
contribute around 0.0008 neutron production within bin 0-18deg,
The population of neutron in energy bin 0-3.5MeV is less than bin
0-1.5MeV ,the angular distribution deviates compared with ICRU.
Did I still make obvious mistakes?

My Best Regards


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