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From: Anna Ferrari <>
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2022 12:57:17 +0100

Dear user,

    the number of energy bins in the USRTRACK card is driven by your
physical problem: since you did not give any detail, let's see in general
(please, look at the manual too!). You need to define an energy interval
where you perform the fluence scoring, therefore you will define the values
of E_max, E_min and the number of energy bins. You can chose between linear
or logarithmic binning and in general you chose a number of bins according
with your needs, which will be a balance between the accuracy you require in
the spectrum and the statistics you expect. You will write something like
this (you need two cards to complete the setting of the scoring):

USRTRACK    [what(1)     what(2)    .......    what(5)]        N_bin      
[string defining the track-length detector]
USRTRACK    E_max      E_min     [what(3)     .......     what(6)]        

About the normalization: take in mind that results are given as differential
distributions of fluence in energy, in units of cm-2 per GeV-1 per source
primary (provided that you gave the volume of the detector, in cm3, in the
what(5) of the first line). The results are therefore independent on the
chosen binning. The integral results in units of cm-2 per energy interval
per primary are obtained when you multiply the value of each energy bin by
the width of the bin.

   You can try...

Am Fri, 7 Jan 2022 13:41:29 +0530 schrieb "HPU, WIP" :
>How we should define Bin in usertrack card
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