Re: [fluka-discuss]: Incompatibility between the FLUKA manual and Flair

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Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2022 22:18:18 +0200

Dear Hamideh

Yes there options which are described in the manual which are not yet
supported by Flair, you can just edit in Flair the relevant item and put
what the manual suggests, Flair will complain but everything will work.
You can alternatively edit directly the input file without going through
Flair, which if you are comfortable with the editor is sometimes the
safest solution.

This answers your points 1), 2), 5), and 10).

For point 3): HEAVYION is not described in the manual simply because it is
a particle name, and the first what requires a particle name, in
particular if you issue HEAVYION *also* heavy ions will be (accurately)

For point 4): it is a typo in the manual, the third what must be 10.0,
we'll correct it

For point 6): i0=1 or 2 are equivalent, both are possible for
backcompatibility reasons

For point 7): momentum is what is used by accelerator people and the beam
card default is in momentum, hence why the reference is to momentum. One
can omit the beam card and get a proton beam of 200 GeV/c which is the
(old) Fluka default, I strongly discourage to use that default

For point 8): the meaning sdum= EN-NUCL or ENERGY for USTRACK (and USRBDX
as well) is detailed in the manual, look at it. Again Flair is not updated

For point 9): what you claim is not exact, the manual explains what the
various kind of scoring, look under the USRYIELD option

For point 11) USRBIN and EVENTBIN are two versions of the same stimators,
this means that if you have one USRBIN and then two EVENTBIN's, the USRBIN
is "biining" n. 1, the first EVENTBIN is "binning" nuber 2 and the second
EVENTBIN is "binning" number 3. If you use the USRBIN/EVENTBIN names in
AUXSCORE you don't care, if you use numbers you must be careful. Same

Please don't refrain from sending other possible observation, they are
useful in fixing future Flair (and manual) versions.


> Dear FLUKA Developers
> I have found some options in some cards which are not supported by flair
> and also some parts in the FLUKA manual are vague for me.
> Could you do me a favor by explaining and clarifying my problems?
> 1. How can I select SDUM= RUNGKUTT in the MGNFIELD
> <> card in the
> flair? SDUM is undefined for the MGNFIELD card in flair and so, there is
> no option for this despite what the manual said.
> 2. The Fluka manual talks about the selection of blank, or PROMPT, or
> DELAYED for the SDUM of EMFCUT card, but there are no such options in the
> flair but there is an option of "transport" for SDUM of EMFCUT with no
> explanation for it in the manual.
> 3. There is an option of "HEAVYION" for WHAT(1) of IONTRANS card in the
> flair while there is no explanation for this option in the manual. Does
> this option mean, only heavy ions are transported?
> and also it seems there is a print error in the text box which defines
> this
> card, A<1 and A >5 instead A>1 and A<5.
> 4. The explanation of the example of MGNFILD card states"If the max. angle
> constraint forces the step to be shorter than 10 cm, the step will be set
> =
> 10 cm in region 20, 25, 30", according to the example,10 cm is correct or
> 0.1 cm?
> 5. There is no option for assigning WHAT(6) of PART-THR in the flair
> despite the manual's explanation, "WHAT(6) = 1.0 restricts the given
> cutoff
> to charged particles only".
> 6. What is the difference between i1= 1 and i1 = 2 in what 6 of the
> LOW-NEUT card? or in other word, what is difference between "Enable" and
> ">
> 3 ev S(a, b)" in the Point wise option of the LOW-NEUT card in flair?
> 7. The FLUKA manual says, the default value for maximum kinetic energy for
> scoring in USRBDX card is "Beam momentum value according to the BEAM
> <> option (if no BEAM
> <> card is given, 200
> GeV". My questions: why has been said "beam momentum" instead of "beam
> energy"?
> Also according to the manual, command BEAM should be defined in any input
> so what does " if no BEAM
> <> card is given ''
> mean!?
> 8.For USRTACK card, according the manual the sdum of first card is any
> character string (not containing '&') identifying the track-length
> detector
> and the sdum of second card is character '&'. But there is an extra
> explanation for sdum= EN-NUCL or ENERGY! Which SDUM does it mean?Also
> there
> is no option to select these SDUMs in the flair.
> 9. In the kind part of the USRYIELD card in the flair the first option is
> "Plain Double" but there is no explanation for this option in the manual.
> 10. The third point of the USRYIELD card says: "In addition, if WHAT(2) in
> the same card is < -800.0, the distributions of particles ENTERING the
> inelastic hadronic interactions can be scored". How can I assign such a
> value to what(2) in the flair?
> 11. The first point of AUXSCORE card says:"USRBIN/EVENTBIN detectors are
> counted together, and so are USRTRACK and USRCOLL" What does it mean?I
> think the flair counts them separately. Am I right?
> Thanks in advance
> Hamideh

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