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From: Paola Sala <>
Date: Fri, 3 May 2024 12:39:12 +0200

The answer is in transport thresholds.  Even with the PRECISIO default,
the photon (and electron) transport thresholds are not low enough for
your simulation.
You can look in the fluka output file, in the EMF section you find:

           7 target           5   GERMANIU            26  GERMANIU
      Ecut =  6.1100E-01 MeV,    Pcut =  3.3333E-02 MeV

The same for all other materials. This means that photons below 33 keV
are immediately killed and their energy is deposited on spot.
You can see this again in the fluka output file, towards the end, where
it is written that all the energy is deposited in the air region (see
To solve this, the EMFCUT card(s) have to be added to your input, for
EMFCUT        -1.E-6     1.E-6   0.0    VACUUM _at_LASTMAT            PROD-CUT
EMFCUT        -1.E-6     1.E-6          air _at_LASTREG
(or tailor them by material/region)
Paola (she/her)

On 4/29/24 08:17, Manohari wrote:
> Sir
> I have created an input file with planar HPGe detector. It runs for 60
> keV and gives result. But when I run for 17 keV it shows zero value
> for 1E9 histories also.
> In the same system when I run for voxel phantom with external source
> file, 17 keV gives results.
> Can anyone help me in this regard.
> Dr. M. Manohari
> OIC, Wholebody facility &  Bioassay laboratory, HPS& IRMF facility
> Kalpakkam
> Ph.No. 04427480500 extn: 23402/87285

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