RE: DaVis.3D Plug-in

From: Chris Theis <>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 10:55:50 +0100

Hi Lawrence,


due to a lack of resources I unfortunately cannot provide a Linux
version of SimpleGeo for the time being. In principle you could run it
under Linux via "Wine" - I have managed to do it but it required the
latest version of several Linux libraries etc. Yet, it will still lack
hardware acceleration and thus, the graphics might be rather slow. In
general the support for 3D graphics under Linux is still somewhat
limited in comparison to other platforms.


In case you do not have access to a Windows machine you could run
Windows in a virtual machine under Linux using for example Sun's Virtual
box ( which is available free of charge.


Within the next weeks there will be a new release of SimpleGeo 4.0 + a
new version of DaVis3D which includes more options also for profile
extraction. In case you would like to try the pre-release just send me
an e-mail.


Hope that helps




Chris Theis

CERN/DG-SC - European Organization for Nuclear Research

1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland

Phone: +41 22 767 8069 Office: 892-2A-015

e-mail: <>
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From: Lawrence Mhatiwa []
Sent: 26 February 2009 10:17
To:; Chris Theis
Subject: DaVis.3D Plug-in


Dear Chris and All Fluka Users
well iam running fluka on open SUSE 10.3 platform to do shielding
calculation an would like to process my USRBIN results using a simplegeo
plug-in DaVis.3D i.e to extract vales as well as producing profiles from
my simulation results.Since iam using Lunix where can i get a lunix
version of simplegeo ? or is it possible to use the windows version on
SUSE? If so how do i install it and process my results.
Please help
Lawrence Mhatiwa


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