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From: Vasilis Vlachoudis <>
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 11:45:03 +0200

Dear Lina,

the problem is that in your input filename you have a dot ".". What the
FLUKA utilities us*suw would do is to treat everything after the dot as
the extension to be substituted with the _tab.lis and therefore all the
usrxxx output is overwritten.

The options are the following:
1. rename the input and don't use the dot "." anymore
2. rename the dynamically generated output file inside flair and remove
the dot "."


Lina Quintieri wrote:
> Good morning
> I have a problem with the postprocessing files of fluka calculations.
> I have a mac so, that I run fluka by flair using virtual box (even if
> I don't think the problem could be related to this aspect, but
> probably it should be linked to my input).
> The simulation arrives at the end successfully, but when I do the
> post-processing of the usrbdx and usryield cards I don't get anymore
> all the tab.lis and sum.lis files (each for every card),but on the
> contrary every time I process a card (for example usrbdx) it
> overwrites the sum and tab.lis file already generated.
> In this way I am obliged to process each card step by step and I am
> not more able to put in the same plots the informations from different
> cards.
> I tried also to change the name to the tab.lis and sum.lis created
> every time I do process of a specific unit bin, but it causes other
> problems.
> I would like to solve this problem, keeping, if it were possible,
> different usrbdx numbers for different detectors (i.e I would like to
> avoid to give the same unit bin number to all the same category of
> scoring data).
> I attached the folder with all the files, hoping it could be useful
> Thanks a lot
> Best regards
> Lina Quintieri
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