Re: Evaluating double differential cross section from USRYIELD

From: andrzej <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 10:55:52 +0200

Dear Andrea
Thanks for your help.
Unfortunately I do not to know how calculate double diff.cross section
correct yet.
I would like to know the thicknes the target in [cm], all parameters
LAM-BIAS command and all other parameters.(if it is posible of course).

Kind regards

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> Dear Andrzej,
> "Which thicknes of target is correct?"
> Well, if you are simulating an experiment you have to use the experimental
> thickness on the other hand it's clear that the spectra depend on the
> target thickness. What are you interested in?
> Two remarks from the manual:
> 1)"Note that calculating a cross section has little meaning in case of a
> thick target."
> 2)"Point-target yields, i.e. yields of particles emerging from
> inelastic hadronic interactions with single nuclei (includinghadronic
> interactions by ions and real or virtual photons), are scored by setting
> WHAT(4) = -1.0 and WHAT(5) = -2.0 in the first USRYIELD card."
> Ciao
> Andrea
>> Dear FLUKA users
>> How correct calculate the double differ.cross section using USRYIELD
>> command?
>> The results strongly depends on the thicknes of target (see input file).
>> Wchich thicknes of target is coorrect?
>> Kind regards
>> Andrzej
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