Re: Plotting Usrbin card

From: Vasilis Vlachoudis <>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 09:59:58 +0200

Dear Johannes,

looking at your plot I would think you have clicked the checkbox
"errors" in flair, which means to plot the relative errors of each bin,
instead of the content of the bin you are scoring.


On 13/08/09 23:23, wrote:
> Dear Fluka experts,
> looking at the plot I attached the energy deposition is the lowest in
> the middle of the shower and peaks at the edge of my geometry. That
> does not make sense to me since the 1-D histograms tell me the biggest
> energy deposition is in the middle of the geometry (which makes
> sense). I am using flair to do this plots, and I am wondering if the
> colors might be assigned in the wrong order...If not, what is my fault?
> Thanks for all the help, Johannes
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