degree of 'analogueness'

From: Mary Chin <>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 12:01:39 +0200

Dear FLUKA friends,

I am trying to see the change in the degree of 'analogueness' by setting
GLOBAL WHAT(2) to -1, 0 and 3.

1. I did an xxdiff/mgdiff of the *.out; was hoping to find some
difference in transport settings (eg this cutoff instead of that, or
this model instead of that) during the initialization (before the NEXT
SEEDS), but couldn't find any. How do I find out what differences in
transport were exercised?
2. The simulation with GLOBAL WHAT(2) = 3 seems to be running forever
and it still is.... I thought this was supposed to be the quickest of
the three?
3. In the simulation with GLOBAL WHAT(2) = -1 I get the warning, =
flag forced by the user. Do you know what are you doing?" Well, I think
and hope so, could someone kindly check whether I do... I mean to be 'as
analog as possible' with the understanding/assumption that
a. there is no physics caveat behind 'as analog as possible'
b. the only danger/lost is in wasting computation time.

My set up is like this: 2.5 GeV protons hitting an effectively infinite
cylinder of liquid lead bismuth, plus an assortment of USRBINs.

Help will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

:) mary
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