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Dear User,
 about your first question, the use of card RESNUCLEI is ok for scoring
the total number of secondary particles while I suggest you (also for the
second question) to look at the FLUKA manual in the section of
"Low-energy neutrons in FLUKA" (
http://www.fluka.org/fluka.php?id=man_onl&sub=97 ) about the production
of secondary charged particles in low energy neutron interactions.

10.3.3 Generation of charged particles
Recoil protons and protons from N(n,p) reaction are produced and
transported explicitly, taking into account the detailed kinematics of
elastic scattering, continuous energy loss with energy straggling, delta
ray production, multiple and single scattering.
The same applies to light fragments (alpha,3-H) from neutron capture in
6-Li and 10-B, if pointwise transport has been requested by the user. All
other charged secondaries, including fission fragments, are not
transported but their energy is deposited at the point of interaction
(kerma approximation).


Dear all,
This is in continuation of my previous mail. How can I score the energy
deposited only due to alpha particles created due to the (n,alpha)
reaction in a target ? As alpha deposits the energy locally, can it be
scored using RULL in mgdraw.f subroutine ? Will it affect the result due
to the use of low energy neutrons and importance biasing ?

With Regards,
S. Chatterjee
Scientific Officer,
Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre,
1/AF, Bidhannagar,Kolkata-64
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