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Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 11:34:27 +0200

Dear Ernesto,

As written in the error message in the *.out file, FLUKA can not find
the neutron cross sections for the matrial PHOSPHOR. Since PHOSPHOR is
not a predefined material the connection between the material and the
low energy neutrons is not made automatically. Please consult also the
manual (chapter 10) for more information.

In short:
You have to give a LOW-MAT card for PHOSPHOR. In FLAIR this is easy: add
a LOW-MAT card, chose PHOSPHOR from the "Mat" pull down menue and the
cross section from the LowMat pull down menue ("31P. Phosphorus31,
296K") and it should run.

Cheers, Florian

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Dear all,
we encountered a problem in the material choice:

when we choose simple materials (i.e. elements, water, BGO, Soft tissue ICRU 4 components, ...) the simulation is carried out correctly and data files are produced.

When, instead, other more complicated compounds are chosen (Soft tissue ICRP, or the material "SOFFICE" defined by us - please see the .inp file attached), the simulation seem to proceed through the Flair interface, but, instead, the data files are not produced and error messages appear in the .out file. Also this file is attached for reference.

We use the Flair interface, and materials are chosen in or added to the material database.

We also noticed that a if we insert a new material (SOFFICE) in the database, and we insert it in the input through the radial button, after restarting Flair the material disappears from database.

Finally, we noticed that, when one inserts a new material, the .inp file is not always updated by the "save" command in Flair.

Thank you,

Ernesto Amato

Dr. Ernesto Amato, PhD
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