Respin Fluka2008.3b.2 released (fwd)

From: Alfredo Ferrari <>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 16:42:52 +0200

( []); Thu, 15 Oct 2009 16:42:58 +0200 (CEST)

Dear Fluka users

a new respin, Fluka2008.3b.2, has been pushed to the web site.

The respin corrects for the following bugs/crashes:

a) two "array out of bounds" problems with Peanut at medium/high energies
(pointed out by Joseph Comfort)
b) a possible (rare) infinite loop for interactions at intermediate
energies (found on 4-He targets internally at CERN)
c) a possible (rare) crash for interactions on 4-He (found when solving
the previous problem)
d) a crash for interactions on Nitrogen by low energy neutrons when the
NEUTRONS default is selected, and transport thresholds for protons
are kept very high (pointed out by somebody on the Fluka list)
e) a (rare) crash in rQMD (pointed out by somebody on the Fluka list)
f) a problem when using an isomer as radioactive isotope in the BEAM
card (pointed out by S.Roesler)
g) a qui-pro-quo in the provided example source routine in the part
dealing with radioactive isotope beams
h) a bug in R-Phi-Z USRBIN scoring of activities: the decay weights were
improperly dealt with (they were never applied). Please note this
can affect all R-Phi-Z USRBIN activity (only activity!) scoring.
No impact on all other USRBIn scorings, or on RESNUCLEi scorings
i) a crash when using the new Compton scattering (with account for
electron binding) with a material containing Plutonium
j) a crash when asking for nucleon decays (of interest only for
members of the Icarus experiment)

Please note that the corrections for b) and c) *WILL CHANGE* sooner ot
the random number sequence of runs. Because of this, the development
team will be unable to reproduce possible new crashes showing up in
Fluka2008.3b.1: only problems found when using Fluka2008.3b.2 will
be taken into consideration. Therefore, all users, including those that
are not
affected by any of the (rare) bugs listed above, are kindly requested to
to Fluka2008.3b.2.

I take the chance to thanks all those reporting problems. If you meet
a problem/crash, after checking it is not obviously due to your input
please report it to the list, including the input file, the latest random
number left in fluka_xxx, possible messages in the .log file, and all
extra informations/user routines which could be required in order to
reproduce the problem.

I would like also to draw your attention to the content of the message of
Francesco Cerutti of 25 Sep 2009 (Subject Re: 131-Iodine): in short,
non analogue radioactive decays are asked for, the energy balance
as well as the energy deposition in the individual regions reported in the
output are meaningless for what concern the decay radiation, since
the calculation is intrinsically biased. Obviously the estimators
with cooling times are meaningful.
If one wants to get the infos reported in the output correct,
simply change the decay procedure into an analogue one (changing
WHAT(1) -> 2. in the RADDECAY card).

x the Fluka development team

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