Re: A question about SimpleGeo plug-ins

From: Chris Theis <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2010 16:39:51 +0100

Dear Ali,
> As I know there are some plug-ins for SimpleGeo that need special
input formats to work , for example , the DaVis3D > plug-in work with
*.usrbin and *.avg.usrbin formats. My question is that: How can I get
> these formats from Flair !?

Actually the extension ".usrbin" and ".avg" is somewhat arbitrary. In
principle DaVis3D supports all USRBIN outputs which are in ASCII format.
The extension is only there to help the user to understand from the file
name what kind of data is to be expected. One way to obtain these files
is to have FLUKA use ASCII (formatted) output directly or you can use
the tool "usrbrea", which comes with FLUKA, to convert binary outputs to
their ASCII counterparts.

The ".avg" extension reflects output files which already contain
averages over several runs. As FLUKA's auxiliary tools only support
averaging over binary files this functionality is provided in the
post-processing option of DaVis3D and thus, you can create the ".avg"
files + the respective error files directly within the plugin.

In principle the plugin also provides ways to directly read binary files
but this is not recommended due to possible compatibility and platform
issues. So there is no official support even tough it's working for the
moment. In case you really need/want use binary outputs then send me a
mail and I'll provide an explanation how to load them in DaVis3D.

Hope that helps
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