Heavy ion transport

From: Ivan Strasik <i.strasik_at_gsi.de>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 11:27:40 +0200

Dear FLUKA Team,

in the FLUKA manual is written, that lower transport limit for heavy
ions as PRIMARY particles is 100MeV/n and transport limit for heavy ions
as SECONDARY particles is 10MeV/n. I have one question which relates to
following example. One simulate the transport of heavy ions with initial
energy 150 MeV/n through some material. During the transport of some
primary particle after decreasing its energy let's say to 120 MeV/n an
inelastic interaction occur. This primary particle looses one or more
nucleons as a result of the interaction. Now question is if this
original primary ion is further threated still as a primary or as a
secondary particle. In other words its transport is then calculated only
down to 100MeV/n or down to 10MeV/n? Thank you very much for your answer.

Best regards
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