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Dear Antonello,

may be I misunderstand your actual needs, but I wonder if indeed what you=
want is just to get an energy deposition map over your ionization chamber.=
If this is the case, you have simply to input an USRBIN detector, defining=
a (cartesian or cylindrical) grid which will give you the energy=20
deposition density [GeV/cm3] averaged over each cell (if this=20
size-adjustable scoring cell is what you call voxel).
On the other hand, the voxel geometry capability of FLUKA is intended to=20
implement a density/material map, typically coming from a CT scan and=20
imported after suitable pre-processing by the fortran tool you attached.=20
If this is really your aim, then I suggest you take a careful look at the=
beginner course dedicated lecture, available at=20
Of course in that case you realize that you must have an input "Hounsfield=
Unit" matrix.

Hope this helps


Francesco Cerutti
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On Fri, 16 Apr 2010, ANTONELLO CARLONI wrote:

> Dear Fluka team,
> sorry to bother again you with stupid questions but as I told you
> I am really a beginner in programming.
> I need to subdvid into voxels a ionization chamber and then
> detect the release of energy on it by a proton beam.
> On the fluka manual i read that I must write down compile and
> then link the Writegolem program that i attached herewithin.
> My questions are:
> #1: What do the constants IREG and KREG stand for and, therefore,
> what kind of value should i give them.....
> #2: How do I have to change the program since i do not have a
> matrix of values in input such as the one named
> 'ascii_segm_golem' which is being called to be read in the
> command:
> OPEN(UNIT=3D30,FILE=3D=A2ascii_segm_golem=A2,STATUS=3D=A2OLD=A2)
> !?
> Thank you so much in advance for your kind assistance,
> Antonello Carloni

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