FLUKA Workshop and Advanced Course: registration is open

From: Giuseppe Battistoni <Giuseppe.Battistoni_at_mi.infn.it>
Date: Mon, 03 May 2010 10:14:54 +0200

        1st FLUKA workshop + Advanced Course

1) Generalities

The FLUKA development team, with the precious
collaboration of ITN Lisbon, and in particular of Prof. P. Vaz, organizes a
joint advanced course/workshop in Portugal, during the week October 4th-8th.
Applications are now open.

The meeting is organized in such a way to allow to dedicate
half of each day to presentations by users about
complex/advanced applications of FLUKA to their problem, and the other half
dedicated to lectures about advanced features of the code and related

See http://www.fluka.org/fluka.php?id=course&sub=intro&which=portugal2010
for application and other details.

2) Program

During the Workshop, users will present and discuss together
their applications cases of the FLUKA Code, while the
lectures of the Advanced Course will be dedicated to the
following topics:

1. Revealing the internal of the FLUKA code, code organization and where
the user hooks are attached
2. User routines, commons, mathematical libraries and programming practices
3. Handling of complex geometries: Lattices, Voxels, Transformations,
Moving objects, programming with names
4. Advanced sources: with cards or with a customized user routine.
Proper randomization of histories, histogram sampling and avoiding
pitfalls in a two step methods
5. Physics optimization, and proper thresholds selection
6. Tracking optimization and custom magnetic fields
7. Guide your simulation with advanced variance reduction techniques
(importance biasing with routine, weight-windows, leading particle
biasing, interaction length)
8. Customized scoring for getting the maximum out of the code. Particle
history tracking, user weights and proper normalization
9. Advanced material studies: DPA, damage to electronics, correction
factors, Sternheimer, predefined materials

Each lecture will be followed by hands-on exercises, with the aim of
gradually building an accelerator line for a radiotherapy application

3) Logistics

The course/workshop will be held at:

Hotel Vila Galé ERICEIRA
(http://www.vilagale.pt/pages/hoteis/?hotel=10 )
40 kms Northwest of Lisbon, a very nice hotel by the Atlantic Ocean in a
charming fishermen?s village

4) Fee

The workshop/course fee is between 750 and 1100 CHF (not Euros!)
depending on the options. See the Course web site.
Please take notice of the following deadlines:

5) Deadlines

- May 30th: deadline for application and abstract submission
- June 30: deadline for early registration fee (750 CHF + 150 - lunches)
- August 15: deadline for late registration fee (950 + 150 CHF)

For any request of clarification send an e-mail to flukacourse_at_pceet030.cern.ch

           Best regards
     The FLUKA development team

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