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From: Joachim Vollaire <>
Date: Thu, 6 May 2010 00:40:56 +0200

Dear Emre
You need to write a source routine to read the information in your file
and then sample from this particle distribution. I am adding a link to a
presentation I gave a few years ago where there is an example (for protons)
where X, Y, px and py are readen from an external file. You can easily adapt
the example to resolve your specific problem

Hope it helps

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Subject: Add a file
Hi all,

I have a file which is photons generated from 5GeV=20
incident electron beam with Geant4 (not Fluka). There are 5 columns in it.
The first and second columns are x and y
position in cm, the 3, 4 and 5 columns are px , py and pz in MeV.
I want to send these photons to a target with Fluka.
Is it possible? and how can i do that?


Uludag University
High Energy Physcics
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