RE: tab.lis file different to plot, what are the correct units

From: Francesco Cerutti <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 09:57:42 +0200

Dear Tristan,

if you choose to score as a function of energy and angle and select, as
usually, the plain double differential yield (WHAT(6) in the
continuation card), then in the tab.lis file (as well as in the sum.lis)
you will get values in [(GeV*primary*cm2*sr)**-1] as you wrote, provided
that you input the scoring boundary area (in WHAT(6) on the first card).

In Flair, you are free to plot different things. If you select to plot "Y"
in the Y menu, you will get exactly the file values and nothing else.
However, the Y default is "Y * <Xgeo>", where <Xgeo>=sqrt(Emin*Emax), i.e.
the geometric mean as specified in the X menu. This is especially intended
for lethargy plot, where you have a logarithmic scale on X (=E, energy
axis) and plot dA/d(log(E))=E*dA/dE. So I guess you left the default
choice and got the file values multiplied by sqrt(Emin*Emax). Note that
the default choice for many purposes makes no sense.



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On Tue, 11 May 2010, Joachim Vollaire wrote:

> Dear Tristan
> I think that the conversion factor between what is being plotted by
> flair (what you see on gnuplot) and the numerical value in the output
> file is equal to (Emax-Emin)*(log (Emax-Emin) ), where Emax and Emin are
> respectively the higher and lower boundaries of each bin. Please check
> and let me know if this does not explain the difference you are
> observing. Hope it helps.
> Joachim
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> Subject: tab.lis file different to plot, what are the correct units
> Hi,
> I have used a usryield scoring card to try and calculate pion+/- yield
> from a target. I used usryield because I want to make a cut in
> transverse momentum (only score pions that have a transverse momentum
> below 0.5GeV/c) with energies in a defined range. I have specified
> 13bins in the energy range between 1.5GeV and 8GeV, i.e. 0.5GeV bin
> width.
> I looked at the tab.lis file that is created and I also plotted the
> result using FLAIR and gnuplot. I found that the numbers in the plot
> were higher than the values in the tab.lis file. I then found that the
> numbers in the plot are a transformation of the numbers in the file.
> Each number in the file has been multiplied by the energy in the centre
> of the bin.
> I have not multiplied by the surface area of the target or 2pi() at this
> stage. Does that mean the numbers in the file have units of
> pions/GeV/primary/cm2/sr and the numbers on the graph have units of
> pions/primary/cm2/sr? I would appreciate confirmation on these units
> from an expert as I was a little surprised to find the numbers in the
> tab.lis file were different to the numbers on the plot.
> I attach my input file if that is of any help.
> Many Thanks
> Tristan
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