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Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2010 09:42:04 +0500

Dear Porta,
This is one of the commonly encountered mistakes in the preparation of the input file for Fluka. It is due to your alignment problem in the Input file where you have defined "B1". I have corrected it and it ran suscessfully. It is now better to use FLAIR for preparing input file, where such problems can be easily avoided.

With Regards,
S. Chatterjee
Scientific Officer,
Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre,
1/AF, Bidhannagar,Kolkata-64

Dear all, here a strange error message that I've never seen before today.
Any ideas ?
Subscript out of range on file line 717, procedure kaskad.f/kaskad.
Attempt to access the 0-th element of variable medium.
Best regards

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